Wheel Alignment

Your suspension system helps you stay in control when you're on the road. Pep Boys can help ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system up to every twist and turn the road may bring.

Wheel Balance

If your brakes squeal or grind, grab causing jerky stops or your warning light flashes it may be time for a free* brake system inspection. Pep Boys offers brake service packages starting as low

Recovery Service

Belts and hoses perform basic functions that keep some very complex systems performing optimally. With Pep Boys’ radiator hose and timing belt replacement services, you can keep rolling with confidence.

Water Service

  • Water washings

  • Vacuum Cleaning

  • Oil Cleaning

  • Shampoo Cleaning

  • Anti rust treatments

  • Engine flushing

  • Decarburizing

  • Interior & exterior cleanings

  • Rubbing

  • Polishing

  • Teflon Coatings


Tyre Change Service

Tyre change services include removal & replacement of your flat tyre providing you have a fully inflated (pumped up) spare tyre suitable for your hub and is in a usable condition plus any equipment required to remove mag wheel locknuts.

Flat Tyre (If Included) Tyre changes will be carried out providing that the member has a roadworthy spare tyre to fit to the vehicle. Assistance will not be provided for damaged wheels, fitting of a tyre to a rim or if a roadworthy spare is not available.

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